Privacy Policy

Confidentiality policy of’s will be found hereinafter. The basic principles of the company’s confidentiality policy remain unaltered. Nevertheless, it’s strongly recommended that the users check all the other aspects and issues of confidentiality policy on an on-going basis since they can undergo amendments.

Collected User Data

We need all the data that we receive from our customers or our employees in order to contribute to the development of new services and the improvement of existing services. In addition, this data is required for the provision of efficient customer support. The private data and billing information are not disclosed to anyone.
Furthermore, by collecting the information about the users, including operating system type, access time, browser type, and IP address, we gather statistics. We use cookies for this purpose.


Cookies are necessary in order to make the identification of computer possible. Please, be aware that we do not get an access to the real user name by identifying the user’s computer. Our company needs cookies to get to know which web traffic it has now and how to increase it. In addition, due to the use of cookies, we can make our services better. Cookies help us monitor time each user spends on our website in general and on a certain page in particular. However, the use of cookies is not enforceable. Thus, we always notify our customers about the use of cookies. If the customers do not wish to use cookies, there is no impediment towards the deletion of cookies from their computers. However, note that if you refuse to use cookies, some website functions will be inaccessible for you.

Why We Collect Information

To provide an access to certain content on our website, we require our users to give us the following private data: name, contacts, and email address. But we protect the collected information from any disclosure. This information assists us in communicating with our customers. In addition, it helps us make the process of order placement and fulfillment easier and more effective. Furthermore, we use the demographic information that we receive from our customers for marketing purposes.
When you get in touch with us regarding our company, our services, or your experience of cooperation with us, you also give us your private data, such as the email address. However, your attention is again specifically drawn to the fact that we never sell or share the private data of our customers with the third parties. The information disclosure is possible only if the customers themselves willfully or negligently provide their personal information to the other users when chatting through our website.

Changes to Confidentiality Policy

We preserve the right to amend our confidentiality policy at our own discretion when we think it is necessary. Our company does not lie under the obligation to inform the customers about all the changes to our confidentiality policy. Only the customer bears responsibility for own familiarity with all the confidentiality policy amendments. Consequently, we advise our customers to look through our privacy policy on the regular basis to be timely aware of all possible changes and avoid any misunderstanding.

Website Safety

We use the most innovative safety monitoring techniques to guarantee a complete safety of our customers. Therefore, our customers can be sure that we do protect their billing information and any other personal data from unauthorized access by the third parties. If, except you, there are the other users of the computer or any other device you use to visit our website, you have to obligatory log out at the end of each session to prevent a theft of your personal information by the lawbreakers.

External Link Disclaimer

We post the links to external websites on our website. However, it does not mean that we whether directly or indirectly approve or advertise their services, products, or any other content. If you follow any of the external links available on our website, you incur own liability for your actions. Moreover, in this case, you accept the terms and conditions, as well as confidentiality policies specified on the external websites.

Prohibited Disclosures

Personal information specified in this document can be used only by the commissioner responsible. The public does not have an access to the content available on our website. It is prohibited to use this content during the court hearings. However, it is possible if a claim is filed against the commissioner. The commissioner satisfies benefit claims as it deems appropriate. In addition, the case may be filed against the persons who refuse to make payments.

To ensure greater safety, be careful when chatting with the writers or the other users through this website. Do not make your private data or billing information public on the website in order the lawbreakers had no chance to turn this information against you.